sexta-feira, 11 de setembro de 2009

About the author:

Author of "The Medallion of Atlantis ." Brazilian, married and Italian descent, born December 11, 1970 in the city of dark state of Pernambuco. Currently a resident of the typical and beautiful city of Sanharó, within the same State, where he works as a public servant and develops activities in the area of information technology. Realizing a lifelong dream of being a writer, this dream that took shape with his first work to be published by Biblioteca 24x7. It has always been a lover of books and realizing the growing need to encourage young people to literature thought of writing a different book, inspired by the stories that always had fast for their nieces, these stories have resulted in the creation of this book. His desire is that The Medallion of Atlantis is a book that inspires the imagination, like a kick-start, so I dismissed one hundred pages to descriptions of people and places, reading simple, but profound and reflective, not very long for the beginning reader not give up on end because of the "thickness" of the book. It was made so that readers would help with your imagination to complete the paintings through his mind (author) and not just ready to see the scenes, so I opted for a clear and direct writing to please readers both beginners and more experienced. To complete the play is full of secret codes that will be discovered by intelligent readers, a memorable adventure, with surprise ending is worth checking out.

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